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Gail’s Chock Full o’ Chocolate Cake

We were discussing after dinner that Gail’s birthday was coming around again, so Ruth handed me the rest of the jar of chocolate pearls we had just enjoyed at Alexander’s Patisserie to use as decoration, and Glen said, “You should … Continue reading

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Wearable Edible Feathered Hat with Lighter Than Air Cupcakes

When I first started attending Margarita Friday, there was a woman in another group who always wore fabulous fancy hats to dinner. I asked my group who she was, and they said, “That’s Hat Lady Sheila”…they didn’t even know her … Continue reading

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Musical Joconde Imprimé Chocolate Mousse Cake

I saw this joconde imprimé cake inlay technique online a few years ago but didn’t have an idea what to make. I thought of it again when making the chocolate plaque for Gail’s birthday cake this year, but that wasn’t … Continue reading

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The Hills are Alive with a Birthday Cinema Brittahytta!

My summer movie nights are good chances to view old favorites again, and 2015 is the 50th anniversary of a true classic…The Sound of Music! I invited my friends to sing along to help me celebrate my birthday weekend with … Continue reading

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Cyd’s 60s Cocktail Party!

How do you celebrate a milestone birthday when the birthday girl doesn’t want the milestone announced? Have a 1960s cocktail party instead, and see if anyone clues in that’s the decade when she was born. I knew Cyd had seen … Continue reading

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Who Ya Gonna Call?

GHOSTBUSTERS of course! Not only is it the 30th anniversary this year, but there is a tie-in to the Halloween plot, so perfect for my birthday movie night! I have loved Ghostbusters from the beginning. I wanted to see this … Continue reading

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Garden Cookies for Linda

My creative friend Robin was organizing a surprise milestone birthday party for her artistic mother Linda, who takes absolutely gorgeous photos of flora & fauna in her garden. Robin chose great ones from her prolific body of work for a … Continue reading

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Bright Butterflies for Benjamin

I was only given less than 2 weeks notice for Benjamin’s birthday cake, but since the party was at the Butterfly Garden Area at the local zoo, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to use my edible printer … Continue reading

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my Oz birthday!

The first movie I ever remember seeing was The Wizard of Oz on TV. It became the first movie I ever loved, watching every annual broadcast, reading the original books by age 5, as many as I could get my … Continue reading

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