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Welcome to Britta Blvd, the place for Popular Parties with Panache, Fun Food with Flair, and other Whimsical Works by Britta Peterson!

The original Britta Blvd began over 15 years ago as Britta Peterson’s personal website that grew over time into a showcase for edible art and theme parties complete with elaborate decorations and fun recipes. BrittaDotCom at www.britta.com is still the personal website with stories and photos of worldwide travels, family, friends, music, and the Brittas of the World page, but the new Britta Blvd houses party ideas, recipes, costumes and projects of all sorts. Hopefully you will be inspired to bring joy and whimsy to those around you!

Always artistic and crafty from a young age, over the years Britta Peterson has turned holidays into opportunities for experimenting with recipes and food decor and for hosting elaborate parties, often transforming her home into an entirely new environment.  She has also personally tackled remodeling her first home with a vengeance and enjoys landscaping with entertaining in mind.  Friends have called her “a cross between Martha Stewart and Tim Burton” or “the secret love child of MacGyver and Martha” which are comparisons she considers high praise. She currently lives in the California Bay Area with her three black cats, two fuzzy siblings with pumpkin-orange eyes, Ebony and Onyx, and sleek green-eyed Obsidian.


2 Responses to About Britta

  1. Siumi says:

    You are so talented!!!!
    Your love and labor for your parties is a joy.

  2. Pranjal says:

    Britta, your website is amazing.. you are really a creative engineer 🙂

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