“Castle Modern” Bedroom Decor

You might have noticed by now that I love castles, and my dream is to live in one someday, hopefully one I can build myself. Halloween is the perfect excuse to display all my castle decor and even turn the Master Bedroom January 2006outside into Castle Brittahytta, but a lot of my year-round decor inside my midcentury-modern house is what I call Castle Modern, mostly accessories acquired over the years. Even before I bought my house, I found a fancy cast bronze queen bed frame at a consignment store, so I bought it and sewed my own velvet gold and black scroll bedspread for it. It’s been 10 years in this house already mostly the same, with a minor update when I built my custom litter box cabinet in 2013, and I always wanted something more decorative behind the head of the bed, but hadn’t figured out what. Last year I saw a tapestry blanket that wasn’t as cheesy as so many others I’ve seen, so I got it for only $25, but I was too busy to hang it until recently.

New fairy tapestry over the bed gives the guest room a castle upgradeWell, not only did the tapestry not fit proportionally, since even with the sides folded in it wasn’t the right size for the corner posts, and also the fairies were mostly hidden behind pillows due to the angled ceiling, but the dark bronze gothic arches of the bed that I love so much just blended into the tapestry…darn! So I decided my guest bedroom could get a castle upgrade instead. There is more ceiling height above the guest bed, but I still had to fold the top over all the way to the design so the main design wouldn’t be blocked by the bed frame. It replaced two Harry Potter movie posters, so this is a castle upgrade for this room for sure.

Closeup of the new teal crushed velvet swag with gilded lion bracketsI also recently sorted and consolidated all my boxes of fabric, so I knew I had several long lengths of various shades of blue-green crushed velvets, plus extra lion curtain rod brackets I wasn’t able to use after the kittens climbed the curtains too much and bent the original curtain rod! The best shade with the rest of my teal bedroom accessories was the leftover scrap from the skirt of my Mrs. Peacock costume from the first Clue mystery party, which was fabric originally purchased for Britta Skeeter before I found the silly pink leopard print robe. To get the swag long enough to drape in more Updated Castle Modern bedroom decor with new teal crushed velvet swaglevels, I cut it in half lengthwise, then sewed them together for one long strip. The seam is tucked into the top lion bracket, then I played around with draping until I liked the effect. Hanging the ends on top of the corner posts let the panel corners drape into points, which was a happy accident. I am really pleased that this looks opulent while highlighting the shape of the arches. I am a little worried that the points hang down far enough to be tempting kitty toys, but so far they haven’t cared yet. ;)

Now if I could just move all this Castle Modern bedroom decor into a real castle…!

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