our first Edwardian Ball

Last year we heard about the San Francisco Edwardian Ball too late to get tickets, so we had it on our calendar this year. Not only was it fun to dress up in whimsical Victorian-inspired outfits again, but it was another possible shopping trip for wedding attire. 😉 I had found a super-cheap deal online on an embroidered peacock corset with black iridescent feather trim, so I decorated both our top hats with ribbons, peacock feathers & hidden lights to coordinate with our peacock style outfits, including elaborate peacock makeup on me and embroidered gold feathers on Glen’s black vest, then we were on our way to the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco!

We arrived only 15 minutes late but there was a giant line of fabulously dressed people waiting to get inside. We prioritized hearing the Haunted Pipe Organ over the ballroom dancing hour, not knowing there really wasn’t any other dancing the rest of the evening, but that was fine, since there was so much entertainment and outfits to see…plus the shopping! In the Vendor Bazaar I found a stunningly gorgeous bejeweled teal feather headdress that exactly matched my peacock outfit, so Glen bought it for me and I wore it all night, receiving many compliments! We found a lovely teal brocade vest for Glen even though it’s not quite a green enough teal for our wedding colors, and I couldn’t resist trying on a sparkly aqua faux fur coat…it was too tight for my shoulders, but it gave me an idea for some fancy teal lace I found last year! 😉

We had a great time, but standing in one place for the last 3 hours of entertainment in the ballroom was murder on our feet even in flat shoes, so we think it might be worth paying extra for VIP tickets just to be able to sit down up in the balcony, which also had a better view of the entertainment on the floor area. I guess now I need to make an outfit each year to go with my new feather headress, since I don’t want to wear the exact same thing next year!

The full story of our first Edwardian Ball is included below, plus a local photo gallery at the end. Enjoy!

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