first testing for Halloween 2018…

Our Halloween plans are still solidifying, but we do know that for 2018, the Webmistress returns, hosting a Victorian Halloween at Castle Brittahytta, and this year you’ll be able to see her conduct a seance with her crystal ball in the front castle window, as her friendly spiders swarm the castle walls and graveyard…watch the Eerie Elegance Facebook page and Britta Blvd Instagram page for more Halloween developments through the summer!

Some successful testing for #Halloween2018 … This year you will be able to peek in the windows of #CastleBrittahytta to see resident #spiritualmedium the #VictorianWebmistress hosting a #seance with her #crystalball in her library! Our newest BenQ #dualkeystone #shortthrowprojector is the perfect distance from the window allowing people walking past the piano without blocking the image, and a white bedsheet across the window works ok already, but I think we can improve the opacity so the kitchen lights don’t show through…stay tuned! #projections #projectors #halloweendecor #Halloween #EerieElegance #WebmistressOfTheDark #makersofinstagram

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