Tasty Tombstones now available on Etsy!

To celebrate Friday the 13th, there is Eerie Elegance news today! The Tasty Tombstones I created for my Halloween party are now for sale as pre-printed frosting sheets, Tasty Tombstones in cookie crumb dirtplenty early so you can plan ahead for your own party!

Tasty Tombstones now available on Etsy!

I have already been doing a TON of Halloween projects since April, but most I cannot show you since they are part of my epic grand secret plan that is bigger than anything I have ever done before…but I have been teasing with quick sneak peeks on the Facebook pages for Eerie Elegance and Britta Blvd if you’d like to follow there too!

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  1. astrid & absinthe says:

    As usual, totaly outstounding! You could give Pippa Middleton a run for the money! I have an idea for your fireplace. Since you and I have the same tastes and shop at some of the same sites, here’s my idea: At the same place that you bought your dragon sconces they have a dragon mailbox post. If you bought 2 and shaved a little off the bottom (if they are too tall), they could be the plinths for your supports for halloween.

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