Wizard Coin Cookies now for sale!

Wizard Coins ZoomDid you notice there were edible coins on the giant Hogwarts student cake? Now you can buy frosting sheets from Britta Blvd’s Etsy shop to make your own wizard coin cookies!

Serve your guests coin cookies for your wizard party! If your guests are making purchases in a certain alley before taking the train to school, they can chomp their change! For double-sided coins, make frosting-filled sandwich cookies! (Actual cookies not included in your purchase.)

Cutting Coin Cookies$8 per page + $5 shipping USPS Priority Mail ($17 international)

Single pre-printed frosting sheet decorates 24 realistic coins in copper, silver & gold
Full 8.5″x11″ sheet of 24 coins (12 fronts & 12 backs) = 8 Knuts, 8 Sickles, 8 Galleons

Up to 10 frosting sheets (240 coins) can be combined for the same shipping cost. Message me on Etsy if you’d like multiple quantities, then I will put up a custom listing specifically for your order.

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  1. The Marquise says:


    This post reminded me, I’m hoping to see about getting some custom icing sheets from you? I commented on your Mardi Gras doubloon cookie post some months prior. If they let you see my email, please contact me there. If not, let me know how to get in touch with you privately. I’m not the best at webpage navigation sometimes, so I don’t know if you have a contact form…X/

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