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Greetings to all you ghastly ghouls!

I am your Halloween Hostess,
Britta, Webmistress of the Dark!


After looking through the following pages,
you will discover that Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays!

The Eerie Elegance Trilogy The three Eerie Elegance books, Eerie Elegance, Enhanced Eerie Elegance, and Eerie Elegance Eats, show you how to create your own spooky environments and recipes as shown on Britta Blvd. Not only are Britta's unique Halloween recipes included, but she reveals how she creates her decorations and displays with step-by-step instructions and full-color photos that show you how to transform your own home into a Halloween haunt. Ideas range from the simple and budget-conscious to elaborate environments and everything in between, so there is something for everyone from Eerie Elegance!

All three books are on sale on Amazon, as well as autographed copies directly from the author on EerieElegance.com...order now!

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