The Party!

Not only was there plenty of Hogwarts-style food and drink to be consumed, with fellow Harry Potter fans with whom to chat, some even dressed in Wizard Fashions, all in a magical Hogwarts atmosphere, but we also had fun activities!


I provided parchment recipe cards and ballpoint eagle quills to write down the ingredients, purpose and name of the potion for guests to enter the Best Potion contest. Everyone had chances throughout the party to submit their entries, then I read all the recipes aloud while all the guests voted for their favorite on the parchment ballots I provided. All the ingredients were edible, and my guests really had fun making their own potions, as you can see here with all the potion recipes and the actual ingredients list.

Best Potion
Professor Sinistra, aka Robert Reeves
Best Potion

Whirled Words

Inspired by the essential anagram revealed inside the Chamber of Secrets, I wrote up a parchment page of 50 "whirled word" anagrams complete with clues to help unscramble them. The essential anagram itself was #51 for extra credit, since shock of all shocks, not all the guests had actually read the Chamber of Secrets yet!

The Whirled Word Wizard
Quidditch Harry, aka Lisa Patnoe
Whirled Word Wizard

Indoor Quidditch

I had hidden my own Golden Snitch in my apartment before any guests arrived, then when we answered multiple-choice trivia questions in our House teams, an appointed Seeker from each House team went looking for the Snitch. Of course, since there were only so many possible places to hide the Snitch, we only got through about 10 questions, and I was prepared with over 100 questions!

The Successful Seeker
Daniel Hughes in Muggle disguise
Successful Seeker

The Party Photos

Of course you want to see how the party went! Click here for Party Photos!

The Webcast Highlights

The Hogwarts Celebration was magically broadcast around the world! See some highlights here...

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