The Wizard Fashions

In the invitation delivered by Owl Post, McGonagall's accompanying letter advised that "since the surrounding area is well-protected by Memory Charms, it will be safe to wear normal wizard attire, but if you miss the Hogwarts Express or are unable to Apparate and must come incognito by way of Muggle transportation, feel free to arrive dressed in the Muggle manner." Many guests got wonderfully into the spirit and came in "costume" and they are included in this gallery...for the Muggles, you'll have to look for them in the Webcam Highlights or the Party Photos pages, since they're not wearing Wizard Fashions. ;-)

...and the winners are...

Most Authentic
Madam Hooch
(aka Tracia)

Most Creative
The Golden Snitch
(aka Natasha)

Best Costume
Professor Dumbledore
(aka Jeff McNurlin)
The Magic Wand

Madam Hooch
Madam Hooch, Quidditch Referee (Tracia)

Professor Freitas
Professor Freitas (Anne)

Ashlyn McGonagall
Ashlyn McGonagall (Ashlyn)

Albus Dumbleore
Professor Albus Dumbeldore (Jeff McNurlin)

Fleur Delacour
Fleur Delacour, Beauxbatons Triwizard Champion (Britta)

Leezy and Beldar
Leezy the house-elf (Lisa) and Beldar McNabb (Kael), Head of Research and Development at Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans Factory. Beldar's latest flavor development is 'Oil Slick' -- petroleum, with just a hint of feathers.

Professors Trelawney and Sinistra
Professors Trelawney (Maureen) and Sinistra (Robert)

Minister Ouye
Mr. Jeff Ouye of the Ministry of Magic

Sheila in Spirit
Professor Sardi (Sheila)

Snape and Quidditch Harry
Professor Severus Snape (Christopher) and Quidditch Harry with Hedwig (Lisa)

The Golden Snitch
The Golden Snitch (Natasha)

Snape vs Snape
Would the real Professor Snape (Jay) please step forward? Or are those two dementors facing off?

Barbieri/McNurlin Clan
Hermione Granger (Barbara) and Baby Harry with scar (Kian)

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