The Party Photos

You've seen the Decorations, the Wizard Fashions, the Recipes, maybe even some of the Preparations, but finally, what you have been waiting of the actual PARTY!


Wands in Action The Blue Lady

No dueling in the hallways! Hogwarts professors with wands at the ready!...What's the password? Otherwise the Blue Lady won't let you into the bathroom...

Barbieri-McNurlin Clan Fleur CloseUp

The Barbieri-McNurlin Clan in costume...Fleur Delacour letting her veela attitude show...

Hooch with Hooch Hooch Cap

Madam Hooch brought her own namesake beverage...see, we weren't kidding!

Official Hogwarts Brie - all done! Whirled Words Wizard

Everyone was so impressed with the pastry Hogwarts crest decorating the Brie that they left it for posterity!...the Whirled Words Wizard showing off her prize...

Kael and Andrew Emily and Riz

Kael and Andrew: The Gift of Gab...Emily and Riz in Muggle disguise...

Kael and Lisa with Kian Honeydukes Candy

Babysitting courtesy of the house-elf - who else?...what a haul from Honeydukes, eh? You'd think Harry was in the infirmary yet again or something...

Mr. Ouye at Potions Potions in Process

Potions, potions and MORE potions...!

Robin and Sheila The Successful Seeker with his prizes

Robin and Professor Sardi - go Gryffindor!...the Successful Seeker with his prizes...

Snape vs Snape Snape and Harry CloseUp

How many Snapes do we have at this party anyway? (hint, one of these is NOT a real person)...okay, am I the only one who feels uneasy about Snape and Harry looking WAY too cute together?!?


See what I mean? Now there are THREE Snapes in a row! They just keep multiplying every time I turn around! Can you find which one is NOT the real person...? heehee...

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