The Webcast Highlights

This Hogwarts Celebration was magically broadcast far and wide by means of Muggle technology - an ethernet webcam via the Internet! We had a few confirmed viewers, but since it was publicly available on the web, who knows who might have been watching?

Here are some of the highlights...
The Magic Wand

Webcam 1 Webcam 2

Webcam 3 Webcam 4

Webcam 5 Webcam 6

Webcam 7 Webcam 8

Webcam 9 Webcam 10

Webcam 11 Webcam 12

Webcam 13 Webcam 14

Webcam 15 Webcam 16

Webcam 17 Webcam 18

Webcam 19 Webcam 20

The Preparations The Decorations The Wizard Fashions The Sorting Ceremony The Recipes The Party!

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