Frequently Asked Questions
The Hogwarts Celebration

(This is the FAQ I posted here and emailed to all my guests prior to the actual party. For the original Hogwarts index prior to the party, click here for the archive copy.)

1. What would Harry like for his birthday?

Due to his spartan upbringing with the Dursleys, Harry does not place too much value on material things, so he requests no gifts, please. The presence of friends in celebration is gift enough. However, if someone could manage it, what Harry would like most would be for Lord Voldemort to be gone from the face of the earth once and for all!

2. How do I get to the Hogwarts Grounds?

If you are too young to Apparate, and you have no enchanted Ford Anglia at your disposal, I guess you'll have to resort to some sort of Muggle transportation, which for most of you means an unenchanted automobile of some sort.

My real address is on the address label on the back of your "owl" (outer envelope). It is probably easiest for you to use my real address in the map engine of your choice (Yahoo! Maps,, etc) to find your way. As to finding the Great Hall (apt U302) once you've reached the Hogwarts Grounds (apartment complex), that is what your enclosed map is, since that has traditionally been the hardest part about actually finding my apartment. All the streets, gates and paths are accurate, but most of the apt buildings except for the closest to mine have been left out for the sake of readability.

3. Darn! I'd really like to come, but I can't because... :(

Fear not! If you can't attend, or if you just want to show your friends & family what a totally geeky Potterphile you really are while you are attending, the party will be webcast!

4. Hooray, I can attend! But I have some other Potterphiles I know who would love to come...?

Sure! Bring them along...if you could please let me know how many people you are bringing when you RSVP, I would appreciate it...gotta have enough pumpkin juice & treacle tarts to go around, you know!

5. What if I'm coming from far away?

I don't have extra rooms, so I can't offer you privacy, but I have a couch, a loveseat, and plenty of floorspace with extra pillows and blankets for anyone who would like to stay the night.

6. Do I have to come in costume?

As Professor McGonagall wrote in her letter to everyone, it will be safe to wear wizarding attire BUT dressing in the Muggle manner is not a problem, since she is aware many guests will need to arrive via Muggle transportation and would not want to arouse suspicion.

(Translation: No, you do not _have_ to come in costume.)

7. Should I bring any food or drink?

With the butterbeer, pumpkin juice, lemonade, assorted Honeydukes candies and other Hogwarts-style food available, I don't think you'll leave either hungry or thirsty, but I leave that decision up to you.

8. Where did you get the Hogwarts seal?!?

I made it myself out of Sculpey, then used it oiled and chilled with the green sealing wax (actually FauxWax from since it is more flexible and therefore easier to mail than resin sealing wax). I would not recommend Sculpey for a seal that would get a lot of long-term use, but I used what I had available.

9. How did you make the invitations?

I used a combination of my talents and technology, like any good witch! ;)

(However, if you would like specifics, see the Invitation page...)

Any more questions? Just ask! :)

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