Mardi Gras Masquerade 2006

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Party Fun!

Here is Mardi Gras Masquerade 2006 - the first theme party at my new house in Santa Clara! 29 of us had a lot of fun, so here are plenty of digital photos for your viewing enjoyment! You can just scroll through, or you can jump directly to these sections:

Party Photos
Costume Gallery

You can also read about my party prep if you so desire...

Who Got Da Baby?

Best Mask
Most Creative Mask
Ben, The Man in White
aka Binty as God aka Colonel Sanders

Best Costume
The Flamenco Barbieris
Most Creative Costume
The Patnoe Family
aka The Recyclables


Only one webcam this time, so it was in the living room,
which missed people gathering in the kitchen and around the food table...
Watch for the big flash when Audene & Jeff's photo was taken,
then at the end for Melanie waving to Italy! heehee...

Party Photos

Britta & Melanie at Ruby Skye - Friday Mardi Gras Sparkle

Britta & Melanie the night before at Ruby Skye's Alice Radio Mardi Gras party...Setting the party ambiance...

Screened Patio in Daylight Paper Lanterns on Patio

...with sparkle & lanterns...

Lanterns even inside Ahhh...RUM

...and RUM! ;)

Happy Keith Partying People

Happy Keith...partying people...

Partying People in Kitchen Partying People on Patio Partying People on Patio Partying People on Patio

More partying people...even out on the patio - hooray! ;)

Cutting the King Cake Cutting the King Cake Binty Got Da Baby

Cutting the King Cake...Binty Got Da Baby!

Lyle, Galt & Melanie Partying People

Lyle, Galt & Melanie...more partying people...

Ultimate Decadence - cookies in chocolate fondue Ultimate Decadence - cookies in chocolate fondue Ultimate Decadence - cookies in chocolate fondue - mmm

When the fondue switched from cheese to chocolate, I decided to show off the Ultimate Decadence of dipping a sugar cookie in the chocolate fondue...heehee...

Partying People Partying People Partying People Partying People Partying People

...even more partying people...

Flameno Guitar in Action Sword in Cleavage Captain Morgan

Having fun in character...Flamenco Guitar in Action...Pirate Silliness...

Best Mask Prize Most Creative Mask Prize Best Costume Prize

Awarding the prizes in each category for those who were still present...Angie for Best Mask, Ben for Most Creative Mask, and Flamenco Barbieris for Best Costume...

Costume Gallery

Adam & Noelle with masks Adam & Noelle

Adam & Noelle, with and without masks...

Keith & Galen Daniel with mask

Keith & Galen...Daniel with Venetian mask & Hurricane...

Flamenco Barbieris with Masks Flamenco Barbieris

Best Costume winners the Flamenco Barbieris, with and without their masks...

Angie Lyle, Galt & their King Cake

Best Mask winner Angie...Lyle, Galt & their yummy King cake!

Binty Ben Jen

Most Creative Costume winner Ben, the Man in White...Jen as the Sunburnt Ravenclaw Quidditch Player!

Tropical Kevin & Comfy Nathania Masked Lisa & Kael

Tropical Kevin & Comfy Nathania...Masked Lisa & Kael...

Maricar, Britta & Mylene Audene & Jeff

Masked Maricar, Britta & Mylene...Audene & Jeff ready to DRINK!

Patnoes with Masks The Patnoes, aka The Recyclables

Most Creative Costume winners the Patone family as The Recyclables, with and without masks...

Indian Melanie with Mask Indian Melanie

Indian Melanie, with and without her mask...

Buccaneer Britta with mask Buccaneer Britta

...and finally your hostess, Buccaneer Britta, with and without her mask...


Festive Food Fleur de Lis Brie More Festive Food

Festive Food...Fleur de Lis Brie en Croute...More Festive Food...

King Cake & Cookies King Cake 2006 Mask Cookies 2006 Fleur de Lis Cookies 2006

King Cake & cookies on the coffeetable...closeups of the cookies...

Thermostat in Disguise More Paper Lanterns Out Front Looking in the Front Window

Even the thermostat was in diguise...More paper lanterns out front...Looking in the front window...

Front Door Jester Beads at Entry Festive Front Door Decorated Back of Door

the front door...which was even decorated on the inside! ;)

Living Room from Entry Entry from Living Room

Looking into the living room from the entryway...back towards the entry from the living room...

Mirror Big Wall Mask

Festive mirror...Large Handmade Wall Mask still intact from the original 2000 Mardi Gras Masquerade...

Wall Sconce Living Room

Decorated wall sconce...more living room...

Piano Room Festive Fireplace Screen Fireplace & TV Gargoyles & Prizes

Festive piano room...fireplace screen with beads...Fireplace & TV corner...Gargoyles & prizes...

Living Room from Hallway Living Room from Fireplace Masks, Boas & Beads - oh my!

Into the living room from the hallway...Living room from fireplace...Masks, Boas & Beads - oh my!

More Masked Gargoyles Even More Gargoyles

Masked Gargoyle Jester & Masked Gargoyle

I had way too much fun putting masks on my gargoyles around the room - heehee...

Kitchen to Patio Screened Patio More Screened Patio Covered Patio from Yard

Looking from the kitchen out to the patio...two views of the screened patio...Covered patio from the yard...

Wind vs. the Lanterns Wind 10 Lanterns 3

I didn't get the chance to take photos after the party until the next day, but by then the big storm was blowing in, so the wind had triumphed over the lanterns by 10 to 3 just out front! haha... ;)

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