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Mardi Gras

Party Fun!

Obviously, the grainy shots are from video, and the costume gallery is a little sparse
because I didn't make the effort of insisting on photos on arrival, but enjoy!

Who Got Da Baby?

Best Mask

Best Costume

Backwards Louie Dueling Dudes

Something looks wrong...? Boys must be boys, in all centuries...

Flirting Louie King Doug

Friendly Jester Louie...King Doug...

Cleo's Mask Merlin and Lynette

Cleo in her mask...Earl and Best Mask Winner Lynette...

Mardi Gras Munchies Artistic Shot...?

Mardi Gras Munchies...Artistic shot...?

Barbieris with masks Dueling again!

Masked Barbieris...Egads! Not another duel?!?

Reclining Garb Lounging

Reclining in garb...more lounging...

Mingling Working!



Say Cheeeese!

More Posing Who Go Da Baby?

Strike A Pose (Walk Like an Egyptian?)...Who Got Da Baby? Tracia did!

Costume Gallery

Robert the Tourist

Robert the New Orleans Tourist

Arabian Cat Aaron the Phantom

Arabian Cat...Aaron the Phantom...

Noah with the purple 'fro Jeff in Costume

Noah with the purple 'fro...Jazzy Jeff

18th Century Barbieris Earl and Lynette Captain Kael

18th Century Barbieris...Earl and Lynette, Best Mask Winner...Captain Kael, Best Costume winner

Group 18th Century Group

"Aggie" group shot (Cleopatra Britta, Jazzy Jeff, Jester Louie and the Barbieris)...18th Century...


Decorations Two Jesters Fireplace Mask again Mask Close-up Buffet

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