Mardi Gras Masquerade 2005

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Party Fun!

Here is Mardi Gras Masquerade 2005, for the third time at my duplex in Cupertino, this year with only 17 of us since it came so early in the season. We still had fun, so here are plenty of digital photos for your viewing enjoyment! You can just scroll through, or you can jump directly to these sections:

Party Photos
Costume Gallery

Who Got Da Baby?
Team Atari
Nat, Michaela & Britta
(no one got the baby so the prize went to
the winning Trivial Pursuit team instead)

Best Mask
Most Creative Mask
Jeff J.
"Fanta of the Opera"

Best Costume
Most Creative Costume
Robin the Bellhop,
AKA Singing Telegram


Like the year before, one webcam was in the living room and the other in the kitchen...

...and for the curious, late Thursday night I finished my mask and hat, did a lot of what was
boring to watch during the day Friday so you are spared that, jumping straight to making the
pastry brie & King Cake...then Saturday was the final crunch of party prep with Melanie's help...

Party Photos

Kevin Making Hurricanes Kitchen Help

Kevin making Hurricanes...More welcome kitchen help...

Party Candid Party Candid

Party Candid Sparkly Britta

More party...Sparkly Britta...

Party Candid Party Candid Party Candid Party Candid

Even more party...

Crazy Cyd More Crazy Cyd

Cyd demonstrating how her mask has a double-life as winged headgear!

Party Candid Trivial Pursuit

DVD Trivial Pursuit begins...

Party Candid Kylie Joining the Party

Kylie actually ventured out from under the bed to listen at the top of the stairs...

Getting Goodies Kylie Really Joining the Party

Robin & Cyd chow down on the goodies...Kylie amazes everyone by really joining the party!

Kylie Getting Attention Getting More Goodies

Kylie realizes all these people will pet her...aha! ;) Getting more goodies...

Laughing Ben Smiling Trio

Laughing Ben...Smiling Trio...

Costume Gallery

Ben or Mr T John and Jen

Ben got the best vote for "Ben as Mr. T"...haha! John used Jen's hair as his mask!

Jeff J. as Fanta of the Opera Jack and Johnathon

Attending his first Mardi Gras, Jeff J. won hands-down for Most Creative Mask as "Fanta of the Opera"...Festive Jack and Johnathon...

Melanie with Mask Flapper Melanie

Best Costume Winner Melanie, with and without her mask...

Maureen and Robert Maureen's Wings

Maureen as the Green Fairy and Robert with his bottle of absinthe...note the great bubble-wrap wings!

Nat and Michaela Sparkly Sheila

Masked Nat & Michaela...Sparkly Sheila...

Nathania and Kevin 1 Nathania and Kevin 2

Nathania & Kevin with alternate fancy masks, and requisite Hurricane drink...

Cyd and Robin More Dancing Robin!

Best Mask winner Cyd with Most Creative Costume winner Robin...Robin the Singing Telegram Bellhop!

Burlesque Britta with Mask Burlesque Britta

...and finally your hostess, Burlesque Britta, with and without her mask...


Glittery Gargoyle Festive Food

Cookies Baked Brie Spinach Balls and Creole Chicken Skewers

More Festive Food Festive Treble Clef Topiary

King Cake Prizes

Outside Entrance Entry with Beads Bannister with Boas Entryway and Kylie Fireplace Through Entry More Living Room Through Entry Living Room Piano Corner Chandelier, Fireplace and Mask Masks Around Kitchen Entry Foyer

back to Mardi Gras Main Street...

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