Mardi Gras Masquerade 2004

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Party Fun!

Here is Mardi Gras Masquerade 2004, for the second time at my duplex in Cupertino, this year with 28 of us all crammed inside due to the drizzle...Here are plenty of digital photos for your viewing enjoyment, plus even two stop-motion webcam movies! You can just scroll through, or you can jump directly to these sections:

Party Photos
Costume Gallery

Who Got Da Baby?

Best Mask
Most Creative Mask

Best Costume
Most Creative Costume


One webcam was in the living room and the other in the kitchen...

Party Photos

The Barbieris Britta Closeup

The Barbieris in costume...Closeup of Britta as Chiropterix the Bat Queen...see the sparkly bat rings even?

Tracia and Daniel Ashlyn and Doug

Kitty, kitty!...Since when do fairy princesses use swords?

Daniel and Michael Elegant Sheila

Daniel and Michael in mask regalia...Elegant Sheila draped on the bannister...

Night Sky with Moon Night Sky with Moon Mask!

Kat came as the Night Sky, so Daniel grabbed my moon off the wall for a wait, it's a mask, too!

Gentleman Contemplating Magritte Magritte's Ben of Man vs. Son of Man

Kael the Distinguished Gentleman contemplating the famous Magritte surrealist painting...contemplate for yourself the original painting on the right, with Ben's costume on the left...

Melanie with her Mask Laaaa!

Melanie with her mask she made herself as Diva of the the Phantom of the Opera sings with her..."Laaaa!"

Two Flappers Flapping Two Flappers Posing

Two flappers flapping their gums...two flappers posing!

Kat and Daniel James, Azita, Lisa and Kael

Kat and Daniel...Fearsome foursome James, Azita, Lisa and Kael!

Hi Cyd! Cyd's Shoes!

Yo Cyd! Check out her SHOES!!!

Cyd's Arm Britta's Sparkly Eyes

Woohoo! Cyd used one of the festive temporary tattoos! Britta's sparkly eyes...

Cutting the King Cake Waiting for the baby...

Cutting the King Cake...Waiting for the baby...

Lori got the baby! Lori with her PRIZE

Who Got Da Baby? Lori did! I guess she's concentrating on her prize... ;)

Daniel's Best Mask Prize Sheila's Best Costume Prize

More posing with their prizes...Daniel won Best Mask...Sheila won Best Costume...

Melanie's Most Creative Mask Prize Ben's Most Creative Costume Prize

Melanie won Most Creative Mask...Ben won Most Creative Costume...

Mel, Maly and Keith Johnathon and Ben

Melanie, Maly and Keith chatting...Johnathon and Ben (check out the sideways view of the apple!)

Sheila, Johnathon and Lori Party Action! More Party

Sheila, Johnathon and Lori chatting...more party "action!"

Here's where it all started going downhill into lowbrow humor...some not quite repeatable in full here! ;) You probably had to be there, but for those who were there, I'm sure you'll laugh again...!

Melanie getting frisky with her prize! Here's where it starts going downhill...!

Melanie getting frisky with her prize...uh-oh, it starts..."What are these things?"

When I blow it, it gets bigger - Melanie Dying of Laughter!

Melanie - "When I blow it, it gets bigger!"...Ben and Melanie are dying of laughter like all of us!

It's my do-rag! - Melanie May the Schwartz be with you

Melanie - "Hey, it's my do-rag!"...Johnathon and Ben battle with their Schwartz-sabers (May the Schwartz be with you)...

No, it's Aunt Jemima Lite! - Daniel I really don't know!

Daniel - "No, it's Aunt Jemima Lite!"...okay, I have no idea why Melanie put it in her cleavage, but it was funny because it hit the ceiling!

Strongman Daniel Party Haha...

Daniel pretends he's struggling with weightlifting the plastic tube...see, everyone was laughing!

Keith and Cyd getting chummy

Closing down the party...Keith and Cyd getting chummy...

Costume Gallery

Magritte's Ben of Man Sheila the Flapper

Most Creative Costume Winner "Magritte's Ben of Man"...Best Costume Winner Sheila the Flapper...

Melanie with Mask Elegant Feline Daniel

Most Creative Mask Winner Melanie "Diva of the Night"...Best Mask Winner Elegant Feline Daniel...

Festive Keith Michael with Mask

Festive Keith with the mask he made himself! Michael in another excellent handmade mask!

Ashlyn the Fairy Princess Lioness Tracia and Samurai Doug

Ashlyn the Fairy Princess...Lioness Tracia and Samurai Doug...

James and Azita Lisa and Kael

Festive first-time MardiGras attendees James and Azita...MardiGras veterans Lisa the Flapper (again!) and Kael the Distinguished Gentelman...

Jack and Johnathon The Laxamanas

Jack and Johnathon getting into the spirit...Rowena, Ray-Ray and little Reina Laxamana, also at their first MardiGras!

Kat the Night Sky Relaxed Lori and Rod

Kat the Night Sky...Relaxed Lori and Rod, freshly arrived from Hawaii (no really - they flew in that morning!)

Festive Cyd Festive Robin

Festive Cyd with the awesome shoes...Festive Robin with cool boots and a sparkly hat!

Braveheart Christopher and Chinese Lisa Chiropterix the Bat Queen

Braveheart Christopher in a kilt and Chinese Lisa...and finally, your hostess as Chiropterix the Bat Queen...


Front Door Entry

Front door decoration...Decorated Entryway...

Beads, beads, beads! Front Window with Banner

Beads, beads, beads! You can see the jester banner through the foyer window...

Entry Archway Entry with Mantel

Entry archway draped in Mardi Gras colors and beads...the decorated mantel as seen through the entry arch...

Jester on Mantel Stairway

Jester on the mantel...looking back at the foyer and stairway...

TV Corner Piano Corner

TV Corner with nice reflection of the room (can you spot the webcam?)...Piano corner (the sun is hiding the ethernet hub for both webcams!)

Living Room Dining Area

Living room as seen from the dining area...the dining area itself...

Sconce with Faux Candles

Wall sconce with faux candles...instructions to make your own faux candle sleeves to dress up your battery-powered candles will be coming soon!

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