Mardi Gras Masquerade 2003

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Party Fun!

After a year without Mardi Gras in 2002, I was going to have a Mardi Gras Masquerade in 2003 no matter what! Since I moved from San Jose to Cupertino right after Halloween, this also served as my housewarming party.

So, here you are! Plenty of digital photos for your viewing enjoyment, plus even a stop-motion webcam movie! You can just scroll through, or you can jump directly to these sections:

Party Photos
Costume Gallery

Who Got Da Baby?

Best Mask
Best Handcrafted Mask
(tie) Robert & Louie

Best Costume
Best Handcrafted Costume


Click here to see the screen captures from the Live Webcam Broadcast!

Party Photos

Baby! Baby Prize

Who Got Da Baby? Daniel did!

Gold Conehead Man SuperPriest!

First of all, a couple costume and mask votes well worth sharing...haha!

Drink Model Par-TAY!

Hey, Robin, slow down on those just got here!

Attack Retaliation!

Attack of the Gold Rajah...but she's not as meek as she seems!

Draping Lisa Extreme Cigarette Holder

It's all about the flapper attitude... :-)

Uh...Tracia, what exactly are you doing? Glowing Gold Rajah

Uh...Tracia, what exactly are you doing down there...? Oh, I see...sure, it was a photo, was it?

Chomping Cookies Smile everyone!

Nat chomping on a cookie...Smile everyone!

Smiling Robert Gumby beads!

Robert grinning ear to ear...just like his great Gumby beads!

Here below needs some explanation...Dan was challenged to attempt to play Memory from Cats...but what's so funny? If you look closely, you can see that the music is upside-down...boy did that sound weird!

Music1 Music2 Music3 Music4

Angie's Haul of Beads Britta with Beads

Beads, beads, and more beads...first Angie's haul, then Britta's...

Lisa and Kael Britta and Robin

Lisa and Kael being too cute...Britta and Robin enthralled in the conversation, but still looking maaahvelous...

Sing1 Sing2

You expected this group NOT to burst into song? What were you thinking?!?

Dan and Britta Masks

Britta laughing at, do the cookies really look like me?

Total Geeks!

Some people will do anything for a laugh!

Even more party pix below...

Party 1 Party 2 Party 3 Party 4 Party 5 Party 6 Party 7 Nat and Doug Party 8 Party 10

Costume Gallery

Robin and Britta Britta in Costume

Robin in her teal JUNIOR PROM dress! Yes we're all jealous!...Britta in her 18th century costume...

Cassandra and Louie Robert the Blackened Catfish

Cassandra the Peacock and Louie with his cleverly painted-on Best Handcrafted Mask...Robert the Blackened Catfish (note the side fins & ears!), the other co-winner of Best Handcrafted Mask...

Maureen's Authenticity Doug and Tracia

Maureen went for authenticity, including her own KREWE...Best Handcrafted Costume winner Doug the Gold Rajah with Glitzy Tracia...

Festive Jeff Angie the Blue Fox

Festive Jeff...Best Mask winner Angie the Blue-Haired Fox...

Kael and Lisa Keith and Dan

Wizard Kael and Best Costume winner Lisa the Flapper...Keith and Dan the pale Nigerians...

Nat the Bandit Choral Project Man

Is it Nat the Bandit...or is it Choral Project Man?!?

Scott and Jane Sheila

Scott and Jane from next door realizing what a WEIRD neighbor they have...Happy Sheila!


Flag Foyer Fireplace Mantel Large Wall Mask Candle Corner Some of the Food
Top of  the Stairs Stair Landing
Wooden Masks

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