Mardi Gras Masquerade 2001

real beads

Party Fun!

Here are the first images we have of the party...More pix will hopefully be coming if we can get some video captures as well...
If anyone has any digital camera shots they'd like to add, just email them to me and I'll put them up, too...

Who Got Da Baby?

Best Mask
(runner-up = Kerry)

Best Costume

Mingling Valkyrie Mask

Scott's mask amongst party mingling...Britta's mask...

Viking Conquest Masks and Props

Viking Conquest...Kael with his prize and Lisa with hers! ;-)

Roomies Aerial View

Smile!...Aerial View...

Coooookies! Masks and Bodices

Mmmmm...Cooooookies! ...Masks and Bodices...

Lewd Spitter! More Mingling

One of the prizes outside its intended usage...More mingling...

Who Got Da Baby?

Who Got Da Baby? Lynette did!

Costume Gallery

Aaron Angie

Clockwork Aaron...No-Longer-Blue-Haired Angie...

Doug and Tracia Britta the Valkyrie

Elegant Doug and Tracia...Britta the Valkyrie (Brittahilde?)...

Emma,  Andrew and Alan Lynette and Earl

Emma, Andrew and Alan...Best Mask Winner Lynette and Earl...

Kael and Lisa Tara

Best Costume Winner the Mystic Kael with Lisa the Flapper...Tara in Blue...

Ron Scott and Rachel

Ron the Jester...Scott and Rachel...

Synthia and Jeff Maureen and Robert

Synthia and Jeff...our "Frenchies" Maureen and Robert...

Josh Cassandra and Louie

Josh and his amazing mask!...Cassandra and Louie...

Kerry the Phoenix

Kerry the Phoenix (rising from the flames), 2nd Place Winner for Best Mask!


Entry Front Door
Mask and Swags Foyer
Buffet Desserts Drinks

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real beads

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