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Webmistress Britta with Eyeballs

Hello again! I'm Britta, Webmistress of the Dark. Shown below are some assorted examples of Spooky Spreads from Halloween parties since 1997, in chronological order, and you can see the progression through the years. I've been making the Gelatin Eyeballs since 1994, but my friends are often too chicken to eat them!

You can see in the photos that over the past decade of being Halloween Hostess, I have not only created more recipes, but also added spooky signs describing what my eerie edibles are, which I think add to the fun. How else would anyone know they were eating scabs, not just dried cranberries? ;)

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Halloween 1997 I was living in England, away from my standard Halloween supplies. I had to make a papier-mache cauldron surrounding a large plastic bowl, and since there were less than 10 people coming, it was a limited Spooky Spread...but this was the year the Halloween Recipes page began!

Halloween 1999 Debut of Decayed Corpse Chips
In 1998 I was back in the Bay Area at a new apartment, so it's always interesting to figure out how to arrange a party setup in a new place. The full party spread was never photographed, but this was the debut of the Decayed Corpse Chips with Entrail Salsa.

1999 HW Spread
For 1999 I had the idea of the food signs, but ran out of time to execute them the way I'd like, so they were just quickly printed in purple Old English font from my computer and set on the dishes. The Decayed Corpse was upgraded to an actual mini skeleton in a larger coffin with velvet lining.

Halloween 2000 Party Food Spooky Spread 2000
Guests caught in the act at Halloween 2000! This was the beginning of the Bizarre Brain, as well as the Sneaky Slices with Golden Goo.

Spooky Spread 2001
For Halloween 2001 I finally improved on the food signs idea by using black cardstock, printed titles with ripped edges and aged with brown acrylic paint, then glued around black party picks. By carefully washing them and packing them away, these signs have lasted over 5 years now! You can also see the first Freshly Flayed Flesh on Ectoplasm Crusts.

Fun with Veggies Spooky Spread 2002

Someone had fun with the Vicious Veggies at Halloween 2002! I had reprise requests from the first Hogwarts Celebration that summer for Pumpkin Pasties, Butterbeer and we tried Pumpkin Juice again.

Spooky Spread 2003
I had moved immediately after Halloween the year before, so in 2003 I was at the duplex with my first graveyard, and I blocked off the front door to send my guests through the graveyard before entering the party. Since I didn't want the food over carpet, I moved it to the front foyer, but it was a bit cramped.

Desserts 2004 Spooky Spread 2004
Since I was so low on food table space in 2003, for Halloween 2004 I decided to spread out with some desserts on a separate table than the rest of the freaky food.

Spooky Spread 2005 Mad Scientist 2005
For Halloween 2005 I decided the front foyer was too confining, so I moved the main food table to the back patio. I also inherited a collection of old bottles so I enlarged my Mad Scientist display to incorperate them, including moving most of the edible body parts to the experiment table.

Incomplete Spooky Spread 2006 Mad Scientist 2006
Here is Spooky Spread 2006 on the screened patio of my new house, with plenty of space ready for guests to bring their own revolting recipes, plus the separate Mad Scientist Body Parts display in the dining area inside.

Happy Haunting!

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