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My longtime webserver crashed hard, sadly becoming a ghost just in time for Halloween season, so it will be a while before BrittaBlvd is up & running properly again. In the meanwhile, you can follow BrittaBlvd on Instagram and Facebook for current updates, you can try a static version of my defunct WordPress site here, and these sections still work!

The main Halloween Haunt including Halloween Recipes from the Webmistress of the Dark

The original Hogwarts Celebration including Wizard Recipes and my downloadable Marauders Map

Mardi Gras Main Street including Mardi Gras Recipes

How to Host a Mystery

Smorgabritta Recipes including How to Make Lefse


Cakes, Gingerbread & other Edible Art

Britta Blvd Blog 2011 - 2018
My WordPress blog that started in 2011 is still broken, but I was able to archive what I could as flat HTML structure. Some posts are missing, search & comments don't work, and I can't update this with new content, but look here for the past decade of my
Popular Parties with Panache, Fun Food with Flair and other Whimsical Works

My BrittaBlvd YouTube Channel has lots of videos of Halloween parties,
Edible Art, my Potter Parties on NBC11 News, and both
how-to series Eerie Elegance: 13 Fabulous Frights
and Enhanced Eerie Elegance: 13 Studies in Spooky Style... can even subscribe! has the information & order pages for my three books & other spooky style!

The Eerie Elegance Trilogy The three Eerie Elegance books, Eerie Elegance, Enhanced Eerie Elegance, and Eerie Elegance Eats, show you how to create your own spooky environments and recipes as shown on Britta Blvd. Not only are Britta's unique Halloween recipes included, but she reveals how she creates her decorations and displays with step-by-step instructions and full-color photos that show you how to transform your own home into a Halloween haunt. Ideas range from the simple and budget-conscious to elaborate environments and everything in between, so there is something for everyone from Eerie Elegance!

All three books are on sale on Amazon, as well as autographed copies directly from the author on now!

My Britta Blvd Etsy shop has accessories for wizard parties, Halloween parties & other fun!

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