Britta Blvd Downloads - The Marauders' Map

I'm glad you like my Marauders' Map!

Although I still claim copyright on my original artwork Marauders' Map I created for my Year 6 at Hogwarts party in 2005, my map is freely available for fellow Harry Potter fans as long as it is for non-commercial use only. By downloading my map, you agree to my terms of use. Sale or distribution of this material is prohibited without my express authorization. Please contact me to discuss resale or distribution terms if you are interested.

Thank you,
Britta Peterson

Below is the link to download my Marauder's Map along with the cutting & folding instructions. The instructions are first, and the map itself is the very last page.

Download Britta's Original Marauders' Map with Instructions

(You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the downloaded file. Most people have it already on their computers, but if you don't, you can download the free reader software here.)

If you really like my map and would like to send me a contribution, please click this secure button to PayPal:

I would love to hear how you plan to use my map...enjoy!

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