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last update before the big party!

Here we go…our Haunted Hollywood front show will be ready by the Friday deadline for the citywide decorating contest, perhaps Thursday if the programming goes well, our costumes are ready, and there are 25 unique menu items still to prepare … Continue reading

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The Story of the Steamcake Cinema

I know I’m still behind on Halloween updates, but I have been super busy having a blast at Disneyland, then home for about 30 hours before flying to Seattle for my grandmother’s big 100th birthday party, then as soon as … Continue reading

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Holiday Happy Hour 2013

My Holiday Happy Hour was the first week of December this year. So many years it’s been too warm inside for my holiday party even to light candles, let alone turn on the furnace, but this year’s chill more than … Continue reading

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The Pumpkin Queen & Swashbuckler Sally

Onward to pirates & pumpkins! Both Swashbuckler Sally and the Pumpkin Queen were rear projected onto screens, both using compact specialty-use UltraProjectors, what you might think would be a simple technique, but there were some execution surprises both good and … Continue reading

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