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more Haunted Hollywood progress…

Aaaah! Only TEN days left until my big party, and the front show must be ready before then since for the first time ever there is a citywide Halloween decorating contest, and I might have a chance at winning! Here’s … Continue reading

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look who’s on MyScaryBlog.com today!

Look who has a guest post today on MyScaryBlog.com! Scary Jerry is too humble, since he much more than “The Human Clamp” on our Scream Team…he inspires me too as a true Halloween kindred spirit! http://www.myscaryblog.com/2017/10/eerie-elegance-eats-halloween-cookbook.html

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Annual Halloween Shopping Weekend 2017

My dear friend Natasha and I have kept up our Annual Halloween Shopping Weekend tradition for over 15 years now…wow! This year we crammed almost all our regular favorite stores, plus all day Saturday was wedding dress shopping and a … Continue reading

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Halloween season has begun!

I am sooooo behind on updates but at least for happy reasons! I have been able to post a few photos every so often to Facebook throughout the year while we’ve been working on Halloween, so I will link those … Continue reading

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new book Eerie Elegance Eats is now available!

For 2017 Britta Blvd presents Eerie Elegance Eats: A Halloween Coookbook of Creepy Cuisine! This new book celebrates over twenty years of delightfully disturbing both children and grownups alike with Halloween recipes in a niche between gory horror displays and … Continue reading

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Midsummer Scream for Halloween 2017

My Eerie Elegance Halloween Scream Team decided to take a road trip to a new Halloween festival in Long Beach! This was only the second year for Midsummer Scream, but we had seen good reviews of last year and we … Continue reading

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