Giant Gravestones!

all LED lighting for the graveyard, including the candles!

all LED lighting for the graveyard, including the candles!

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3 Responses to all LED lighting for the graveyard, including the candles!

  1. Astrid, Absinthe, Aria, & Allegra says:

    Did you make your “fencing’ yourself? If so, please make a video w/ a list of where you bought the pieces from & how long did it take to make & assemble & the sizes needed. Again, Thank you for the info. Disney has nothing on you! THEY should work for you for Halloween!

    • britta says:

      The graveyard fence was built in 2013 and documented in those progress posts, inspired by Stolloween’s instructions, especially the foam spikes. Sadly I can’t make any more fence to match since I can’t find that small plastic border fencing anymore! Sure glad I kept it from 2003 since I love the design and have never seen it again! I would love to make a couple more sections to block of my tree flowerbed since the neighborhood kids now love to play in my graveyard while I’m building each fall. ;)

      I might be able to make a how-to video based on the photos I have, but not sure I’ll have time since I’m already behind on my projects for Halloween 2016 and I’ve never edited the rest of the video of Halloween 2015 or 2014!

  2. Astrid, Absinthe, Aria, & Allegra says:

    Found out a while back that Dick Van Dyke is a H-U-G-E Halloween Afficionado. You should do his place for Halloween. You could get PAID for your talent. If you came up w/ a storyline like you’ve done in the past, you would become Super “INTERNATIONAL” & tour the country! BWHAA-BWHAAAAAAAH!!!!

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