Cinema Brittahytta Season Finale – The Book of Life

Your festive hostess modeling the skull platter of Dia de los S'MuertosHow did the summer go by so quickly? The end of August was already the Cinema Brittahytta season finale, so I showed The Book of Life for everyone to come get a head start on Halloween by watching a gorgeously-animated original story about Mexican traditional Dia de los Muertos celebrations! We were a group of lucky number 13, a cozy group to close out the summer. I tested a possible new recipe for this Halloween, prepped custom crusts for Savory Skull Pizzas, cut Calaveras Cheese & Crackers, and hand-painted mini chocolate skulls for Dia de los S’Muertos!

Celebration Snow Cones all readyI still had plenty of syrups and frozen pucks for my snow cone machine but no one partook this time. A couple people did try the custom cocktails I designed. Xibalba’s Wager mimicked his colors using black vodka over bright green sour apple mixer in a green-rimmed glass. La Muerte’s Faith used yellow sugar on the rim for all her marigolds, red raspberry syrup for her red dress, and black vodka for her long luscious locks of hair.

Custom Cocktails ready to mix your ownXibalba’s Wager

bright green sugar
1 part green sour apple mixer
1 part lemon-lime soda
1 part black vodka

Moisten the edge of the glass and rim with bright green sugar. Pour the sour apple mixer into the glass, then the lemon-lime soda. Gently pour the black vodka down the side of the glass so it layers on top. Sip and watch your devious plans unfold!

Custom Cocktails: La Muerte's Faith vs. Xibalba's WagerLa Muerte’s Faith

bright yellow sugar
1 part raspberry syrup
1 part lemon-lime soda
1 part black vodka

Moisten the edge of the glass and rim with bright yellow sugar. Pour the red raspberry syrup into the glass, then the lemon-lime soda. Gently pour the black vodka down the side of the glass so it layers on top. Sip and watch your faith in human nature triumph again!

Calavera Cheese & CrackersCalavera Cheese & Crackers took some time to make but was relatively easy since I used my small skull cutter from my Halloween supplies. You have to be careful what kind of cheese you use, since the skulls are so small, they break very easily coming out of the cutter. I found that sliced Swiss cheese was best, but you have to work around the holes already in the cheese. 😉

Chili Lime Corn Cups are on my list to develop for my Halloween party menu this year, so First attempt at Chili Lime Corn CupsI tried this recipe from Scary Jerry and spooned it into purchased tortilla chip cups just before serving and set them on one of my festive skull trays. Even though I didn’t include the fresh jalapeño at all and only a little chipotle, it was sadly still too spicy for me to eat. About half was eaten at the party, but to finish the leftovers I added chunk chicken AND Greek yogurt before I could eat it comfortably…so I am still working on a Halloween recipe. 😉

Skull Pizza CrustsYou’ve probably seen me make several custom pizza crust shapes by now, so I don’t think anyone would be surprised that this time I formed the crusts into skull shapes! I even provided white Alfredo sauce on the pizza table for those who wanted to decorate their Savory Skull Pizza as a sugar skull. 🙂

Robin's Skull Pizza Jerry's Skull Pizza Closeup of Jerry's Skull Pizza Ellie's Skull Pizza

Push mold skulls from emelted modeling chocolateThe most prep time for this party was painting the chocolate skulls for Dia de los S’Muertos. I STILL had leftover modeling chocolate stars from previous s’mores this summer, so I remelted those and Unmolding the chilled chocolate skullsused my skull ice cube trays as push molds. After the chocolate set solid in the fridge, it was so warm that I couldn’t leave any out of the fridge except the one I was actively painting, so I kept transferring the freshly-painted Painting the chocolate skulls with Choco-Whiteskull back into the fridge as I got the next one out to paint. I used my finest food brush Dia de los S'Muertoswith the Choco-White food color that sticks to chocolate perfectly, and no two skulls were the exact same design. I set them on top of giant marshmallows that I had cut lengthwise, and they were ready to enjoy!

Mary Jo brought her famous New Mexico style green chili egg casserole, which was a little too hot for me this time, but everyone else enjoyed it. I got out a few items I had already Festive patio food table & menu chalkboardpurchased for this Halloween for a little bit of decor, like the skull cutouts, the hanging skull sign, the skull platters, and the lace fan. I even decorated the menu chalkboard with curly vines and a sugar skull. Since the pizza table was on the patio, the love seat was out on the grass again, this time enjoyed by Keith & Doug.

By August the sun is setting earlier but everyone is still eating and chatting instead of settling down for the movie, so it was the perfect timing for s’mores! Finally I had no leftover s’mores…woohoo!

Skeleton Ellie chomps a chocolate skull Charles helps Ellie and Benjamin roast their marshmallows for Dia de los S'Muertos one of many Dia de los S'Muertos on a nicely roasted marshmallow Nathania roasts her marshmallow

Last outside movie night of 2015! Thanks for another fun summer!We all enjoyed the movie, repeat viewers and newbies alike! You can see the full photo gallery if you click below. I had to leave for a work trip to Brazil only 9 hours later, so it was a huge blessing that everyone was kind enough to help bring everything inside and even take down the movie screen. Many hands do make light work! I’m always sad when summer party season is over, but that means Halloween is up next! 😀

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