A Hundred Years of Helen

Since I’ve mentioned this major family project for my grandmother several times this year as taking up so much of my free time, I thought you might be interested in seeing the results. I have taken about 800 media “assets” of interviews, old films, scanned vintage photos, digital photos, narrations, including my own singing & playing for the soundtrack, and compressed a chock-full interesting 100-year life into 2 hours 9 minutes running time as “A Hundred Years of Helen,” now showing on YouTube. Click over to www.britta.com for full details, and watch the YouTube links if you’re interested…

You can now watch the full video “A Hundred Years of Helen” online, broken into the five chapters. There are easy links at the end to click to view the next chapter. The full story is just over two hours long, and Chapter 3 is the longest section at 40 minutes. All the soundtrack songs are classics my grandfather used to play, performed by yours truly on vocals, steel-string guitar and baritone ukulele.

A Hundred Years of Helen
The Story of Helen Marie Bergstrom Clouston

Chapter 1: Childhood in Minnesota
Chapter 2: From the City to the Farm
Chapter 3: Starting in Seattle
Chapter 4: Travels Around the World
Chapter 5: A New Chapter

Now that the holidays are over and I’m finally getting over my month of coughing (yuck!), I will be back to Halloween updates very soon! 🙂

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