Halloween season has begun!

Here we go! Halloween season has officially begun! Not only am I already deep in my own party planning, but Eerie Elegance book sales have gone from selling less than 10 books each month through June, to about 40 sold in July, and 85 in August…definitely ramping up!

I did not allow myself any concrete Halloween planning until my kitchen remodel was absolutely finished, otherwise I was afraid I might get distracted & never finish the kitchen! Wheels are always turning in my head, however, and in the past couple weeks I’ve written up my Halloween party prep wishlist for this year, including the 2009 series of Eerie Elegance podcasts…with the first episode released on schedule TODAY! πŸ™‚

I didn’t expect to have so much information about royal icing & the spiders I make with it, but it ended up 15 minutes, so had to be split for YouTube into part 1 & part 2. You can watch the entire episode from EerieElegance.com and iTunes by searching for “Eerie Elegance” or by subscribing to the series. Scroll down to see my glowing iTunes review! Thanks amberdawn91! πŸ™‚

Halloween, here we come! πŸ˜€

Eerie Elegance – Awful Arachnids – Royal Icing Spiders

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7 Responses to Halloween season has begun!

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice episode

    Hi Britta. Thanks for your episode on making spiders. I’m definitely going to make some of these this halloween!

    Since you asked πŸ˜‰ I’ll give you a little tip you could use to dramatically improve the audio quality in your videos… an external mic is cheap and makes a big difference. If you’re interested, check out this demo an internet friend of mine made:

    It does a wonderful job cutting out the noise floor.
    Anyway, thanks and keep the Halloween projects coming!!

    • britta says:

      Re: nice episode

      Thanks Jason! Unfortunately there is no external mic capability for this little Sony camcorder I have. My previous Sony had a hotshoe so I could connect my nice stereo condenser Audio Technica & that was awesome…alas that camera stopped working in 2007 & by then Sony didn’t sell anything with external mic capabilities anymore until up in the semi-professional camcorders, way out of my price range…lame!

  2. ophelia_nw says:

    Hooray for Halloween!!

    • ophelia_nw says:

      Okay I couldn’t help but notice in the closeup of the piping…is that a metal coupler??

      In 15 years of cake decorating, I’ve never come across a metal coupler or coupler ring. That’s too cool! Part of that vintage Ateco set you mentioned?

      • britta says:

        Bingo! The Ateco set I inherited had a canvas piping bag to wash & reuse (what a pain for grease & coloring to ooze out onto your hand!), one good metal coupler & ring, another metal coupler that was very pitted so I don’t use it, and a few plastic couplers with a whole assortment of tips. What’s fun is the original branded cardboard storage box & recipe/instructions insert! It’s at least 1960s if not earlier. πŸ™‚ Maybe I should take a photo…heh…

        • Anonymous says:

          antique decorating set

          Probably should take a photo, maybe someone would recognize it and know its actual age. It is more likely from the 50’s, possibly even earlier. It was in the drawer as long as I can remember.

          love, mom

  3. Anonymous says:

    yay for halloween!

    Hey Britta,
    I always look forward to your halloween to do lists, they make mine seem normal. lol . My special project this year, in addition to all my regular stuff is a glowing black light chamber with assorted skeletons{bats,rams, snakes, anything sinister} color reverse printed and mounted all around. Also many scary glowing eyes painted all around in detergent so they’ll floresce. Also I am doing my own version of “ghostly greenery” ….Florida style

    Keep up all the hard work!
    Cassie tannaleaf@yahoo.com

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