more Halloween party progress…

We had a recording session all day Saturday, but between Friday night, Saturday night & Sunday, I did get more Halloween party prep done! Sunday was my only daylight before the party, so I had to take advantage while I had the chance!

  • construction & design of the bell tower is finished except for mounting the bell – non-glue dovetail “cornerstone” joints are a success – hooray! This means the bell tower can store flat! 🙂 
  • entire chapel is carved for this year (future plans are to enhance with more carving detail, stained glass windows, maybe a roof on the bell tower, we’ll see)
  • bell tower & chapel walls painted with tan base coat (still need to do the spray-paint aging technique!)
  • chapel door cut from scrap fake wood paneling remodeling leftovers
  • new archway door cut from scrap fake wood paneling remodeling leftovers
  • Halloween accessories from inside the shed all cleaned up, hosed off, drying in the sun
  • 4 dozen witches fingers cookies done
  • 4 dozen gravestone cookies baked, royal icing setting, still need epitaphs
  • 6.5 dozen pumpkin pasties are pre-made & frozen to be baked the morning of the party
  • (still have double-batch crab puffs in the freezer, so I won’t make more)
  • 14 dozen Brittle Bone cookies done
  • Awful Arachnids barely started, but at least royal icing is black & in the piping bag!

Other non-Halloween specific tasks but that really needed to be done before the party:

  • finally planted jasmine vine out front, included moving another juniper bush 
  • mowed front lawn, including raking leaves & sweeping gutter & sidewalk
  • finally planted both grapes & potato vines, one set on each white arbor

…still need to DECORATE!!!

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  1. jesamine says:

    wow, that’s a lot of pasties! lol 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

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    Britta, just let me say that you’re a babe
    Greetings from Mexico!
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